Datasets for Getting Started in Text Analytics

Sheila Bugal on September 9, 2021
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Would you like to get started with Caplena and try out some datasets?

If you’re interested in some demo surveys with open-ended questions, we’ve got you covered: Here are 5 datasets with free-text feedback. The files are free to use for your own research or testing purposes but remain the property of Caplena. Distribution, hosting, or commercial use of the data is prohibited.

You Should Know: Upon uploading your survey or another type of open-ended text to Caplena, you will be provided with instructions from our in-app Wizard on how to code and categorize your text comments using our Augmented Intelligence platform. These instructional videos are also available for re-watch on our YouTube Playlist πŸ€“.

However, before we do that, pick one of the datasets shown below, download it, and get started with Caplena!

1Which mobile carrier do you use and what do you think about them?
Type: NPS Survey | Source: Caplena Survey | Rows: 849 | Questions/Columns: 4 | Keywords: NPS, Mobile Carrier, Smartphone, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-mobile
2What features/practices annoy you the most about apps (or websites)?
Type: Survey | Source: Caplena Survey | Rows: 802 | Questions/Columns: 1 | Keywords: Apps, Websites, Features, Usability, Easy Use
3What was your biggest home office fail?
Type: Survey | Source: Caplena Survey | Rows: 802 | Questions/Columns: 1 | Keywords: Home office, fail, survey, covid times
4What is the reason you switched your last job?
Type: Survey | Source: Caplena Survey | Rows: 802 | Questions/Columns: 1 | Keywords: Job, Job Switch, Covid times, recruitment
5Which bank comes to your mind when you think about private banking?
Type: Survey | Source: Artificially created | Rows: 802 | Questions/Columns: 1 | Keywords: Banks, Financial institutions, Unaided brand awareness, Keyword Analysis

Bonus: If you’re interested in creating a dataset by analyzing online reviews, use the Integrations option within Caplena. Simply copy and paste this URL into the Import page to import Netflix reviews for example. Check out the quick video on the right to see how this works πŸ‘‰

πŸ”Ž Follow this link to learn how to import a dataset using our integrations feature. We use Netflix as an example!

And there you have it! A short and sweet post to get you ready for testing Caplena with example datasets for free!

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