AI-assisted high-quality coding. Insights delivered.

Send us your data and we'll use our Software to provide you neatly categorized results. Access to Visualizations module included.
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How it Works

Full-service open-end coding with human level
accuracy at a fraction of the usual price
Step 0
Provide Data
Send us your open-ends as Excel, JSON or CSV file.
the Codebook Design
We develop a quality codebook or take one you already have.
Step 1
AI Coding & QA
We apply AI coding to the responses, fine-tune the algorithm and perform a quality check by hand.
step 2
Step 3
Analysis & Storytelling
Easily create beautiful charts and shareable dashboards within the app. Or export the data into your favorite software.

Caplena’s intelligent algorithm has increased our efficiency with both tracking and ad hoc studies

Selina Pietsch Analyst at Factworks
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Augmented Intelligence yields quality

We guarantee very accurate coding with high quality custom designed codebooks, thanks to our advanced natural language processing engine. To achieve this, our coding personnel focuses on the most difficult verbatims, while the fine-tuned AI does the remaining 80%.

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Fast turnaround

As the coding is greatly automated we can offer very quick turnaround times ranging from less than a day to a few weeks, depending on your urgency and the project complexity.

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Dedicated project manager

For all communication you will be assigned a dedicated project manager, who will serve as single point of contact for all your needs - from start to finish.

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