The text analysis tool for your customer & employee feedback.

Categorize themes buried in your text data visualize results in customizable dashboards topic-level sentiment analysis powered by collaborative AI the all-in-one platform.

Built to Empower

Built to discover insights. We understand that customer feedback tools have to adapt. Want to learn more about our vast customer use cases?

What is Caplena?


Detect sentiment on the topic-level

Differentiate between positive and negative mentions towards specific topics, even within the same response. Get more accurate insights and make better decisions through our topic-level sentiment analysis.
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Auto-tag your data
Auto-tag your data
Discover topics

Get rid of the tedious task of tagging

Let the augmented intelligence suggest meaningful topics based on your data. Get your entire dataset auto-tagged and categorized. Be up to 30 x faster compared to traditional coding software.
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Tell your story

Produce more meaningful insights easily

Enjoy full control and flexibility over topics and coding at all time. Share your results through advanced analytics, beautiful chart visualizations, and innovative dashboards.
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Auto-tag your data
Auto-tag your data
Multilingual by design

Get consistent insights from multi-lingual data

Caplena is natively multi-lingual and supports over 36 languages out of the box. Use neatly integrated translation services to unlock even more languages.
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Trusted by top Agencies & Brands

Our customers range from freelancers to Fortune 500 companies.
The text analytics tool of choice for 100+ companies in 15+ countries.
Over 50 million responses analyzed since 2018, with 120 new projects added each week.

Caplena enables us to systematically prepare and visualize qualitative data. At the same time, the data can be analyzed in more depth through, for example, NPS driver analyses. Creating shareable links also makes sharing results via the dashboard quick and easy.

Monika Brehmeier Senior International Brand Analyst at

In the past, text analysis was done manually and took so long that we couldn't effectively analyze all the data. This is why we decided to invest in Caplena’s technology. Now it takes us minutes to run text analysis rather than hours. We are able to automate a lot of our data processing - but also have a level of manual quality control which is exactly what we were looking for.

Tory Clarkson Insights Manager at

Since we started using Caplena, revealing insights from open ended customer feedback has become faster and easier. Our team uses Caplena as an insights hub to quickly provide insights to design, product, and sales teams. Using dashboards, we can easily present and share our insights with other teams so that everyone can benefit and take action.

Simon Bühler Project Manager Market at

Caplena empowers us to effortlessly decode customer feedback, track and segment the passenger journey, pinpoint issues at each touch-point, and share real-time, actionable insights with all levels of management.

Thomas Storbeck Senior Manager Customer Insights at