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Do you fear open-ends?

Fear no more, we take the sweat out of verbatim analysis.
Here's how:

Analyzing responses to open-ended questions can be a pain - and take ages
PROBLEM Time consuming
Caplena's industry leading AI learns from you, to auto-complete your project
METHOD Machine learning
METHOD Continuous improvement
Boost your efficiency and streamline your process: Customers typically report 35% - 70% less effort.
RESULTS More productive
RESULTS Significant savings
Plus, it's a sweet UI. Unlike most other business Apps.
USER INTERFACE Modern / appealing


You have different options on how to use Caplena

Don't want to train the AI yourself? We can do that for you.

We'll take care of uploading your data, creating a code-frame and training the AI. We will provide you the final results of the semi-automated coding, with near human level accuracy at a fraction of the price.

Give us some more information on your project and we will get back to you with a quote within a few hours.


Here's what you can expect.

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More productive & faster

Let the AI take a lot of work from your shoulders by predicting the codes for responses based on previous examples.

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Codebook assistant

Choose from codebook templates for open-ends or let it be automatically generated for list-questions.

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Sentiment analysis

Get the sentiment for every verbatim automatically (currently available for English and German texts).

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Highest Security

The data centres we use are ISO 27001 certified. Your data is encrypted in transit by TLS 1.2 and with AES-256 at rest.

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Flexible data handling

Import and export your data with ease - we handle files in a variety of formats and provide API-access for automatic up and download.

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Outstanding Support

We are a highly motivated team that you can contact anytime (even by phone!). We usually reply within a few hours on any day.

Use cases

Learn how Caplena can take work off your shoulders.

Reduce cost and drive sales of open-ended questions

Open-ended questions provide a lot of value from a research perspective, as they introduce less bias than multiple-choice questions. However, they are considered a major cost driver by most market researchers, as evaluation is time consuming and expensive. Caplena helps market research professionals by:

  • Reducing the effort of analysing open-ended questions, saving costs and enabling more competitive pricing;
  • Improving data handling, data consistency and data versioning by providing a central platform onto which all stakeholders have access;
  • Increasing quality awareness and enhancing quality assurance through better overview, integrated accuracy metrics and code suggestions of the AI;
  • Paving the way for decentralized evaluation of surveys by relying on freelancers.

All this while you stay in control: Caplena is no black box which just gives you a bunch of keywords, but rather learns how you code.

Understand your employees & clients better and faster

Successful companies listen to their employees as well as their clients via recurring surveys, closely monitoring the needs and thoughts of their key stakeholders. But reading every response is time-consuming if we're looking at hundreds, to downright impossible if talking about hundreds of thousands of responses. Caplena lets you automate large parts of that and spend more time on solving real problems by:

  • Categorizing responses based on previous iterations of the same survey, allowing you to get to a fully automated solution;
  • Improving data handling and history keeping for creating time series through our centralized platform;
  • Providing real-time statistics on the results.

All this while you stay in control: Caplena is no black box which just gives you a bunch of keywords, but rather learns how you code.

Bring your research projects ahead without bothering with complex software suites

Whether you are a machine learning PhD [creating NLP training sets] or a student of psychology [evaluating surveys] it is very likely that at one point of time you will have to deal with large amounts of text that demand categorization and analysis. Let Caplena help you make most of your limited time by:

  • Boosting your productivity of categorizing & annotating;
  • Getting you up to speed almost instantly: No need for installing any suites or familiarizing yourself with software beasts;
  • Offering fair pricing specifically for academia, only pay for what you really need;
  • Making sure your data is safe and sound.

All this while you stay in control: Caplena is no black box which just gives you a bunch of keywords, but rather learns how you categorize texts.


Don't take our word for it. Here's what our customers say.

At Factworks we were looking for an efficient and reliable solution for analyzing open-ended survey responses to complement our text analytics offering. We needed a flexible solution which we found in Caplena, whose intelligent algorithm has increased our efficiency with both tracking and ad hoc studies. The team is very responsive and capable of providing even highly customized solutions.


At Link we have chosen Caplena as our everyday tool for coding responses. It helped us to become significantly more efficient at evaluating open-ended questions, radically improved our data management and enabled us to execute on projects with tens of thousands of responses.

At success drivers we were in need of a powerful survey-coding platform for our new product. After evaluating a number of commercial and open-source solutions we found Caplena, which outperformed all alternatives by a mile. We now use Caplena to perform insightful and automated key driver analysis on NPS surveys for our clients and can wholly recommend it.

Selina Pietsch, Analyst at Factworks
Thomas Bauer, Head IT Operations at Link
Dr. Frank Buckler, CEO & founder at Success Drivers


Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email to

Who is this application for?

It can be used by anyone wanting to code, label or annotate open-ends phrases in general. This means we address market researchers from agencies or corporations, CX or HR professionals, freelancers, academics, governments and students.

Why am I faster using Caplena?

The combination of our streamlined UI and the suggestions made by the intelligent assistant will boost your productivity. Compared to other software, Caplena is also really easy to use while still producing high-quality results, as you define what you want the AI to learn.

Where can I log in?

The login button is at the top right of the page. You can only access the application from tablets, laptops and desktops. Mobile phone access is currently not supported but might be added in the future.

How do I get my data into Caplena?

The import wizard lets you upload Excel, SPSS, CSV and TXT files using your browser. For our business customers we also offer an API, which you can connect directly to your existing systems.

What languages are supported?

We support 36 languages for our automated coding including most European languages. The user-interface is only available in English and German.

List of supported languages

I have special requirements! Or feature ideas...

If you have any special requirements, such as importing other data formats, other types of texts or languages or have an idea for new feature, contact us any time via email ( or the in-app feedback button.