About us

Caplena GmbH is a tech startup, founded in 2017 by two ETH graduates. It is the AI tool to analyze open-ended feedback, wherever it may come from.
Based in Zurich, Switzerland, we serve companies around the world. From global market research institutes to agile start-ups, Caplena empowers market research teams, increasing efficiency through automation and boosting quality with deep tech.



Maurice Gonzenbach

Striving to make the most recent achievements in the machine learning area accessible to the market research industry, Maurice co-founded Caplena in 2017. He brings together an IT background with hands-on entrepreneurial and consulting experience.


Pascal de Buren

Pascal is a Machine Learning Engineer specialising in natural language and computer vision. Pascal co-founded Caplena with Maurice in 2017 to apply state of the art natural language processing to open-end verbatim analysis.


Misel Marusic

Inspiring clients to achieve more with AI tech. Misel joined Caplena as the first employee in 2019. In his role as business development entrepreneur, he combines his consulting & innovation background with his hands-on mentality to drive growth.


Founded in 2017, Caplena provides cutting edge natural language processing solutions from Zurich to customers all over the world.


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