Through Caplena, Tegut was able to easily analyse all forms of user feedback from surveys & online reviews across all 300 stores.

Dr. Jan Rutenberg
Head of Market Research @ Tegut
Finding out what customers think about your in-store experience and comparing against the competition is very time consuming and costly if you are relying on traditional surveys. Google Map reviews are attractive for this purpose as they don’t have to be collected in the field and enable benchmarking without surveying competitor stores. However, making sense of these thousands online reviews and comparing them with traditional NPS surveys is an insurmountable task if done manually.
Tegut unlocked the capability to cross-analyze reviews from over 300 stores and NPS surveys using AI.
Getting started was easy. We were able to simply transfer the existing codebook from our customer satisfaction survey to code the Google Maps reviews. Today, we can almost completely automatically evaluate 10,000 reviews per year. The connection between the Google Maps star rating and the free-text reviews helps us to identify the drivers of satisfaction or dissatisfaction and to visualize them.
Analyzing survey and Google Map responses revealed lots of surprising factors, both positive and negative, about tegut's stores. These insights are packaged & presented nicely in dashboards and are made instantly available to intersted stakeholders from sales to teams at the store level. As a result of this new feedback loop, everyone concerned can quickly know if, for example, there is a problem with available parking space in front of the store - or if the fruit and vegetables are of poor quality. Moreover, tegut is now able to benchmark itself against tis main competitors in order to identify key strengths and weaknesses.
For us, the Google reviews and the automated evaluation with Caplena are an excellent opportunity to quickly analyze a lot into honest, star specific feedback and the customer experience at scale.
German food retailer Tegut is a Swiss-owned supermarket chain based in Fulda, Germany. Operating in 300 stores across seven of Germany's Bundesländer, Tegut attaches great importance to sustainability, fairness, and transparency.
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