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Everyone agrees listening to your customers is essential for success. But how can you truly understand your customers from thousands of text comments and tons of metadata?
Don't let the future of feedback analytics pass you by
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Imagine discovering with just a few clicks:

Which passengers are most likely to give feedback?
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What is the biggest drawback of low-cost airlines according to passengers?
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What is the biggest blow to negative NPS scores for airlines?
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Analyse open-ended customer feedback accurately.
Quantify 100s of topics and their respective sentiments across your CX touchpoints.
Adjust and add topics to your liking, making sure you track the KPIs that are relevant for your business over time.
Use the latest LLMs to explore your data through natural language questions.
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Want to understand the why behind your CSAT + NPS scores?

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Caplena empowers us to effortlessly decode customer feedback, track and segment the customer journey, pinpoint issues at each touch-point, and share real-time, actionable insights with all levels of management.

Thomas Storbeck Senior Manager Customer Insights Lufthansa
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Present your insights in the ways they deserve to be. Charts, dashboard and advanced analytics, all from within one app.
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Elevate Loyalty at Every CX Touchpoint
  • Track 100s of topics over time.
  • Fine-tune data to match themes with internal KPIs.
  • Uncover the why behind the NPS score.
Streamline Feedback Management
  • Foster collaboration with shareable, interactive dashboards.
  • Provide stakeholder-specific insights.
  • Integrate Caplena into your workflow via iframe.
Advanced analysis
Drive Profits through Customer Feedback
  • Consolidate passenger feedback for higher revenue and satisfaction.
  • Swiftly identify issues to protect your airline's reputation.
  • Monitor feedback in real-time across all channels.
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With the capacity to manage vast volumes of open-ended responses in multiple languages, Caplena auto-categorizes topics, providing insights into customer reviews while maintaining neutrality and objectivity. This empowers us to pinpoint areas for improvement without biases, ultimately enhancing our operations and customer experiences.

Tal Schechter Head of Operations Tools & Systems at Flixbus & greyhound

Want to understand what your customers truly value? It’s one click away.

CX-focused airlines outperform in revenue by 5.6% compared to lower-rated airlines at 2.3% (Insights Research). As the industry evolves, addressing young traveler needs, improving self-service, and discovering untapped potential is key. Ready to soar?