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We chose Caplena as our text analysis tool after carefully comparing alternatives back in 2018. It is great to witness the development of the platform over the past 3 years - making us happier customers with each update.
Pia Helen Kampf Research Consultant @
less time needed for open-end analysis
3.5M +
verbatims analyzed (08.2021)
users working on Caplena

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Why it works...

You can achieve ultra-fast turn around times when analyzing open-ends if you use modern machine learning platforms and a streamlined analysis process. Nevertheless, it is not economically feasible to develop and operate cutting-edge deep learning algorithms for a single market research company.
We dedicate our entire energy to help you overcome that technological gap.

... for market researchers

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  1. Less biased responses
  2. Higher response-rate
  3. More relevant & actionable results
  4. Deeper insights
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  1. More intuitive to fill-out
  2. Shorter surveys
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  1. Easier to create surveys
  1. Associated with long turnaround times
Small agency
Mid-sized/large agency
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Average responses per survey: 100 - 400
Speed up
  1. From open-ends to insights: 3x to 8x faster**
  1. Generate topics faster with AI support
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3 projects per month
Save costs
  1. Save around 30% to 60% of your current coding costs
  1. React flexibly upon last-minute change requests
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80% ad-hoc studies / 20% repetitive* studies
  1. Enjoy a better overview and let the streamlined process guide you to better insights
  1. Have more fun while analyzing open-ends
* Similar studies within same industry, product, company or trackers
** Compared to manual analysis or traditional tools

Caplena is the only AI Analysis Platform that has been designed with and built for Market Research Agencies.

State-of-the art text analysis for your application!
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Comparing text analysis technologies

Using a mix of supervised and unsupervised machine learning leads to high-quality outputs with a minimum of manual intervention
Core principle
Augmented Intelligence
Unique mix of supervised & unsupervised Machine Learning: Learning from over 8M reviewed responses Caplena generates high-quality topics and detects sentiments automatically.
Manual analysis
Manual coding & very simple rules for topic assignment
Manual &
Manual coding and Rule-based topic assignment.
Rule-based & sentiment
Rule-based topic assignment and automated sentiment analysis.
Keyword detection
Unsupervised topic detection.
Exploration & Discovery
Unsupervised clustering and human analysis.
Text type
Optimized to analyze up to 1k characters per text comment on average.
Qual & mixed
Data ingestion
Files, API, review scraping
Besides file-based uploads and API connections with other Apps, you can also directly scrape reviews from various sites from within the app.
Files, API
Files, API, review scraping
Files, online sources
High-quality, powerful & customizable AI
  • Actionable & customized insights
  • Astounding automation level for high-quality output
  • Full control over topics
Familiar & flexible
Versatile solution for qual research
Holistic solution for quant feedback
Quick high-level results
Explorative, creative results for qual
Fine-tuning for human-like output
A few manual reviews required for human-like coding quality. But this also means human-level assignment quality is achievable, which cannot be said for most other tools 😉.
Time-consuming; labor-intensive
Time-consuming; Not for quant
Only basic AI; Not optimized for open-ends
Inconsistent topics over time; Difficult to customize
Inefficient and inconsistent for quant data

What others achieved with Caplena

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we build a cheaper solution with our own data scientists?
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Short answer is no. The long one is: Getting to a comparable solution, having a similar level of accuracy and an easy-to-use interface for researchers without programming skills is very difficult. But building a comparable solution that’s economically feasible is next to impossible. By the time your solution is stable, it will be outdated. All we do, all day long is to further develop and improve our AI text analysis engine. To further illustrate the point: Let’s assume one data scientist who works only 50% on such a solution would be able to somehow pull it off. The contributed time over a year exceeds the usage costs of Caplena over the course of years.
How accurate is Caplena compared to manual coding?
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The achievable quality is on par with a fully manual approach and even outperforms it on large data sets. The gold standard when comparing the analysis of a modern ML solution with a fully manual one is to use the scientific accuracy metric called F1. It is the harmonic mean of precision and recall, both metrics providing information about the quality of a classification engine. Other tech providers have found that our ML solution Caplena produces results that are on par with manual approaches (check our CX.ai case study). The main driver behind this is the ability to use Transfer Learning.
What is Augmented Intelligence?
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Through our Augmented Intelligence approach we combine the number crunching abilities of modern AI with the abstraction & contextualization capabilities of you as a researcher. This unique mode of collaboration leads significant time savings while guaranteeing an exceptional quality.
Which languages are supported? And what about multilingual text comments?
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Caplena natively supports over 30 languages without translations. For over 100 languages or multilingual data you can enable translation through Google Translate or DeepL with the flick of a switch. No additional costs involved. Check our supported language page for an overview.

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