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“After evaluating a number of commercial and open-source solutions we found Caplena, which outperformed all alternatives by a mile. We now use Caplena to perform insightful and automated key driver analysis on NPS surveys for our clients and can wholly recommend it.”
Frank Buckler CEO & FOUNDER @
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You work within M&A, Strategy, CX or Market Intelligence and your services include (any of):
• Due diligence
• Brand strategy & positioning
• Strategic product positioning
• Market insights
• Competitor analysis
• CX insights
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You want to get insights from open-ended feedback / reviews – without having to wait for your data scientist team.
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You want to quickly source reviews for benchmarking purposes.
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You want to get rid of repetitive tasks and take advantage of the latest NLP tech developments – welcome to Caplena!

Why it works...

Enriching consulting services with insights from customer feedback or reviews is part of best practice for most consulting projects. By using modern machine learning platforms, insight generation becomes extremely fast, highly efficient - and is fun. Nevertheless, it is not economically feasible to develop and operate a cutting-edge deep learning platform for a single consulting firm.
We have dedicated our entire energy to help you overcome that technological gap.

...for consultants

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M&A analysts
  1. Challenge working assumptions
  2. Enrich decision models
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Strategy consultants
  1. Base strategic recommendations on more reliable data
  2. Strengthen competitor and market analysis
  3. Model effect of recommendations on customer satisfaction
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Insight & Knowledge teams
  1. Get deeper market & customer insights
  2. Reveal hidden patterns behind market and brand trends
Speed up
Make your life easier
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Pull Reviews
  1. Pull reviews yourself, up to 10x faster* and save costs**
  1. Receive your reviews seamlessly
  2. Pull data from competitors with ease
  3. Setup autonomous synchronization intervals
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Extract results
  1. From text comments to insights: 10x to 30x faster* while saving costs**
  1. DO IT YOURSELF now – don’t wait for 3rd parties
  2. Have more fun while analyzing text comments
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Generate insights
  1. Create your charts up to 5x faster*
  1. Create deeper insights by using advanced analytics
  2. Impress with ultra-fast dashboards handling hundred thousands of comments
* Compared to traditional scraping tools or data providers
** Save around 30% to 50% of your current scraping costs
*** Compared to standard visualization tools
Better insights
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Stronger advice
Stronger advice
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More opportunities
More opportunities
  1. Create deeper insights by using advanced analytics
  2. Understand drivers for satisfaction at a deep level
  1. Back up your results with an additional layer of rich information
  2. Create more confidence for your recommendations
  1. Build trusted relationships by taking up key customer feedback themes within your advisory process
  2. Be recognized as a tech-savvy advisor and win more opportunities

Caplena is the only AI Analysis Platform that is optimized for Consulting.

State-of-the art text analysis for your application!
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Comparing text analysis technologies

Using a mix of supervised and unsupervised machine learning leads to high-quality outputs with a minimum of manual intervention
Core principle
Augmented Intelligence
Unique mix of supervised & unsupervised Machine Learning: Learning from over 8M reviewed responses Caplena generates high-quality topics and detects sentiments automatically.
Manual analysis
Manual coding & very simple rules for topic assignment
Manual &
Manual coding and Rule-based topic assignment.
Rule-based & sentiment
Rule-based topic assignment and automated sentiment analysis.
Keyword detection
Unsupervised topic detection.
Exploration & Discovery
Unsupervised clustering and human analysis.
Text type
Optimized to analyze up to 1k characters per text comment on average.
Qual & mixed
Data ingestion
Files, API, review scraping
Besides file-based uploads and API connections with other Apps, you can also directly scrape reviews from various sites from within the app.
Files, API
Files, API, review scraping
Files, online sources
High-quality, powerful & customizable AI
  • Actionable & customized insights
  • Astounding automation level for high-quality output
  • Full control over topics
Familiar & flexible
Versatile solution for qual research
Holistic solution for quant feedback
Quick high-level results
Explorative, creative results for qual
Fine-tuning for human-like output
A few manual reviews required for human-like coding quality. But this also means human-level assignment quality is achievable, which cannot be said for most other tools 😉.
Time-consuming; labor-intensive
Time-consuming; Not for quant
Only basic AI; Not optimized for open-ends
Inconsistent topics over time; Difficult to customize
Inefficient and inconsistent for quant data

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Caplena let me pull reviews directly from review sites? Which are supported? What if I need to analyze reviews from additional sources?
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Which languages are supported? And what about multilingual text comments?
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Can we build a cheaper solution with our own data scientists?
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