Employee Feedback @DHL Group: Every Voice Counts

Sören Bödder
Research Consultant @ DHL Group
Resonating with the voices of over 600,000 employees, DHL Group is a global logistics leader for international shipping, courier services, and transportation. By leveraging Caplena, DHL Group has redefined its employee feedback and engagement approach.
The Unifying Force
At the heart of DHL Group's fundamental principles, employee feedback is seamlessly intertwined, functioning as a guiding light toward a future characterized by unity and innovation. Acknowledging employees as the company's most valuable asset, everyone across all tiers actively shapes workflows, processes, and values. Some of the biggest feedback projects include:
1. Employee Engagement: DHL Group cultivates a vibrant workplace culture through the annual Global Employee Opinion Survey (EOS) to measure employee satisfaction and identify potential areas for improvement.
2. Moments that Matter: The HR Quality Survey and touchpoint monitoring meticulously examine the journey from entry to exit.
3. Employee Feedback Suite (EFS) The EFS is a tool that enables managers and team leads to decentrally capture feedback whenever they see the need to.
Caplena has empowered DHL Group to turn the collective voice of our 600,000 employees into a force for innovation and growth. With its cutting-edge analytics and language capabilities, we've unlocked new levels of understanding and unity across our global workforce.
Navigating the Challenge
With companywide employee feedback initiatives and the need for data-driven decisions, the task is to collect feedback and find and act on accurate insights within it. DHL sought a tool capable of managing their volume of feedback and effectively addressing the challenges of:
Sorting Unstructured Data: Having amassed around 550,000 comments in 2023 alone, signifying a remarkable 1275% increase since 2019 and growing, DHL Group confronts the intricate task of accurately classifying unstructured data. This challenge catalyzes the pursuit of innovative LLM solutions.
Analyzing Sentiments: Unraveling the intricacies of textual sentiments and distinguishing between positive and negative tones for nuanced and comprehensive insights at the topic level.
Unifying Multilingual Data: With various languages in play, the need arises for a bridge that accurately translates and unites diverse feedback into a coherent understanding.
Upholding Data Integrity: Maintaining data integrity is a top priority throughout the analysis, reflecting DHL's dedication to responsible practices and inventive problemsolving.
Empowering Insights with Caplena
Introducing Caplena: the data-driven partner that fills the missing piece of the puzzle with cutting-edge analytical skills.
Accelerating Insights: Decreased turnaround time for non-biased, high-quality insights - aligning with DHL Group's ethos of pursuing accelerated growth and comprehensive understanding. Up to 30x faster than traditional software.
Revealing Themes and Emotions: Caplena delves deeper, revealing nuanced themes and sentiments at the topic level, even within a single response.
No Language Barrier: Caplena breaks linguistic barriers, uniting languages per DHL's global vision. Native in over 36 languages, Caplena's seamless integration of translation services extends this linguistic reach globally.
Trend Tracking: Caplena detects trends and their progression, while shareable dashboards help monitor them over time. Aligning with DHL's pursuit of transformative insights to shape strategic journeys.
Holistic Insights: Caplena seamlessly intertwines qualitative narratives with quantitative data.
Data Protection: Caplena can automatically remove personally identifiable information (PII) from all text comments if needed.
Connecting Insights: DHL Group merges internal EOS feedback and external insights from platforms like Indeed, revealing correlations that can be put to use for further strategic initiatives.
In summary, DHL Group's workforce of over 600,000 employees has found a unified voice toward action through Caplena's employee feedback solution. Caplena's prowess in handling unstructured data, deciphering sentiments, and bridging linguistic gaps has transformed challenges into growth opportunities. By converging internal and external insights, Caplena aligns with DHL Group's commitment to holistic analysis and innovation, amplifying its impact beyond HR applications.
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