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Caplena was born out of the mission to empower any research team to uncover deep insights from open-ended feedback.
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Caplena is an Augmented Intelligence solution with *humans* in the loop. In our case, those humans are an international team of geeks, musicians & bouldering aficionados who share the same passion: data analysis. Caplena is powered by individuals who are different in their own ways, passionate about what they do, and ready to make a positive impact with our AI-powered solution.
Maurice Gonzenbach
As Co-Founder of Caplena, Maurice strives to make the most recent achievements in the machine learning area accessible to the market research industry. Maurice obtained his master’s in Computational Science & Engineering from ETH Zurich, winning the prestigious international SemEval Contest in 2016 with his Master thesis on sentiment classification. Besides that, he regularly provides CAS lectures and trainings in Natural Language Processing (NLP) for ZHAW, HWZ, MRS and corporates.
Pascal de Buren
Pascal, one of Caplena’s Co-Founders and Machine Learning Engineer, combines deep AI development in Natural Language and Computer Vision with vast experience in bringing AI technology into products. Pascal developed patented AI software for one of the largest insurance software providers in the world before founding Caplena. He holds a master’s degree in interdisciplinary sciences from ETH Zurich.
Misel Marusic
Business Development
Misel joined Caplena as its first employee in 2019. He holds a MA in Business Administration from the University of Zurich. As a Business Development Entrepreneur, he combines his consulting and innovation knowledge with his hands-on approach to driving growth. Misel worked at EY as a Strategy Consultant within the financial industry and as a Business Developer within the insurance, media & tech space.
Aleksander Kalamus
Front-end developer
Aleks has worked with multiple international teams as a remote frontend developer for six years. In addition to being a UI/UX fanatic, he developed a web app that was listed among Finland's top 100 fastest-growing companies in 2020.
Sheila Bugal
Over the course of her career Sheila has worked in all forms of creative expression - whether written, visual or musical. She originally studied Media Music Composition before finding her calling as a Marketer in the emerging technologies sector. Currently, she is obtaining her MSc of Marketing at King's College London and enjoys working on sonic branding projects in her free-time.
Nicholas Menzies
Project Manager
Don’t have time to use Caplena? Luckily, Nick - our Project Manager - takes care of our 'Managed Services' option so you don't have to do anything but submit your data. Nick is both Project Manager and Customer Service expert, and handles all of your needs as a single point of contact throughout the entire project. Nicholas is a language genie and is a prof at coding to get optimal insight generation.
André Seelmann
Customer Success Manager
André has over 15 years of market research experience managing qualitative as well as quantitative studies for B2B and B2C clients across various industry sectors. André worked mostly on the agency side and truly international. He worked for Metra Martech and RS Consulting in London and for Ipsos in London, Hamburg, and Sao Paulo. He has a particular focus on customer loyalty and customer experience research.
Onur Elibol
Frontend Engineer Lead
Onur holds a BSc in Classical Music and worked as a performance musician for many years. Since his childhood, he was very interested in computers and he decided to switch his career to be a Software Engineer. He graduated from the West University of Sweden, receiving his second BSc in Software Development. He enjoys translating designs into code and experimenting with new technologies. During his engineering career, he has worked in small/mid sized companies to build web applications and scale up frontend teams. In his free time, Onur enjoys reading tech news, cooking, playing his bass guitar and producing music in his home studio.
Yves Arnet
Head of Finance & Legal
Yves holds a MSc in Innovation & Entrepreneurship from Esade Business School. At Caplena Yves is responsible for all Finance and Legal related topics. Before joining Caplena, he has worked for 4 years in Finance Consulting at KPMG in Zurich where he partnered with global Finance leaders to continuously optimize their Finance departments.
Andrea D'Ambrosio
Head of People
Andrea is an experienced People Operations professional with a focus on Swiss start-ups. She achieved successes previously by building People Operations department and teams from the ground up with tech-centricity, talent acquisition and retention as fundamental drivers. Her background is international, with her formative professional experience in luxury hotels based in London.
Marco Milanta
NLP Research Engineer
Meet Marco, our data science prodigy! Holding a degree in data science, Marco’s expertise lies in numbers and innovative problem-solving. Beyond his analytical prowess, he’s an avid thrill-seeker – scaling mountains and conquering slopes in his free time.
Anna Maria Schletter
Business Development Representative
Anna Maria is our vibrant Business Development Representative in Lisbon. A former AI & blockchain consultant, she is a strategy magician with a passion for innovation.
Piotr Makarewicz
Head of product design
Meet Maki, our Head of Product Design, and the creative force behind our user experiences. With a proven track record of designing products that not only look stunning but also deliver exceptional usability, Maki brings a wealth of expertise to our team.
Bogdan Hodorog
Backend Architect
With over 20 years as a software engineer, Bogdan has been a key part of the Caplena team, specializing in Python and its ecosystem. Bogdan is passionate about software development in all its forms, with a keen interest in programming languages, operating systems, and networking.
Lynn Stepanenko
U.S. Sales Director
Meet Lynn, our U.S. Sales Director. She plays a pivotal role in our U.S. sales efforts, contributing significantly to Caplena's nationwide growth. Lynn's extensive industry expertise and impressive track record greatly benefit our team. We consider ourselves fortunate to have her on board, helping shape our sales strategies and contributing to our ongoing success!
Kate Mazourik
Enterprise Client Advisor
Hailing from Zurich, Switzerland, and with experience in Dubai, Kate is a tech wizard who also has a flair for uncovering hidden gems, both figuratively and literally. Kate’s role entails direct communication with our most significant clients, making her a valuable addition to our team, ready to bring a touch of magic to our sales efforts.
Aykut Safak
Frontend Engineer
Aykut's lifelong passion for computers blends seamlessly with his formal education in Computer Science. With over a decade in software engineering, Aykut sees coding as more than just a job—it's a canvas for creating exceptional user experiences. His joy and fulfillment in his work are evident, making him a valuable asset to our team.

We are growing constantly

From rapidly growing start-ups like Joyn to Fortune 500 companies like eBay & DHL - we have managed to achieve unparalleled customer loyalty. Building on that trust and keeping innovation at the core of everything we do, it is our mission to support any insight team that analyses any kind of open-ended feedback.

Our company

Based in Zurich, Switzerland, we serve companies around the world. From global market research institutes to agile start-ups, Caplena empowers market research teams, increasing efficiency through automation and boosting quality with deep tech.

Our Story

It all began when one of the co- founders, Maurice, won the prestigious SemEval competition for his Master Thesis. He began to explore ideas in the Natural Language Processing (NLP) field with his colleague Pascal, a Machine Learning Engineer specializing in the field of Natural Language and Computer Vision.
They soon realized a gap in the industry when LINK and SKOPOS - two Market Research firms - inquired if the same technology could help them with open-ended survey coding. As it turned out, almost all firms that handle customer feedback face the same issue: too many open ends and not enough time to accurately analyze them all.

Four months later, Pascal and Maurice had completed the first prototype - and things began to take off quickly. Since its inception in the spring of 2018, Caplena has doubled the number of text responses it processes every six months, with over 50M verbatims processed to date. Today Caplena serves companies in more than 15 countries.

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Our customers range from freelancers to Fortune 500 companies.
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Over 50 million responses analyzed since 2018, with 120 new projects added each week.