As diverse as Caplena, as diverse are our customers and their use cases.

Market Research Institutes

No matter if world leader, regional star or highly specialized niche player - market research institutes all around the world are using Caplena to boost their efficiency, heavily reduce costs and establish an unparalleled consistency in quality.


Serving telcos in Switzerland, Germany and Canada, Caplena enables them a speedy processing of both ad-hoc studies, as well as continuous customer feedback streams. What are the biggest pain-points of churners? In what areas has the perception of our services changed with our newly acquired customers? Who is in danger of churning? Let Caplena help you answer the se questions and present the results to your team.


From small-scale retailers focusing on organic farming and premium food to country leading mega retailers - Caplena supports their market research teams to find patterns in their customer feedback, discover trend patterns or track satisfaction drivers.


Whether it is one of the world's top 3 companies by market cap or Germany's hottest streaming startup, both rely on Caplena to process their customer's feedback about their applications, developer programs and APIs.

Financial Services

Retail banks, credit institutions as well as fintechs harness the Caplena powered advantages. Tracking customer expectations towards themselves & competitors or understanding customer satisfaction trends - these are just examples for manifold possibilities.


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